About Us

Who We Are

The SellerZen team has been using technology to run successful eCommerce businesses since 2001. What we’ve learned is that the right technology can drastically improve a company. Application software has allowed us to reduce the amount of labor we dedicated to repetitive tasks. But despite all the apps and services available, there just wasn’t a solution that met all of our needs.

We knew what we wanted. But the applications or services that were available only fulfilled some of our requirements. So we developed our own.

We started with logistical solutions. Then we created software solutions for our sales and data entry teams. Over the years, we’ve tested and developed hundreds of software solutions to streamline our existing processes.  The result is that our employees were free to work on more challenging and fulfilling projects.

From our experience and knowledge, we’re proud to bring you SellerZen.  We’re excited to offer our cloud-based service to you, and we’re confident it’ll help you grow your business. Not only does SellerZen integrate Amazon seller data with QuickBooks Online, but it does so in a way that makes detailed reporting possible. You’ll know exactly what your costs are, and using that data, you can streamline your business and increase profits. We designed SellerZen around our needs, so we’re certain that you’ll find it just as useful.

Our development team has US-based software engineers with extensive backgrounds in eCommerce operations, and our team has over half a century of combined experience in every aspect of running an eCommerce business! Let us bring that experience to you. Sign up now for a free SellerZen account to see what we can do.