6 Amazon Product Launch Services to Get Feedback, Reviews, and Increase Sales

Looking for product launch services to boost your new Private Label product on Amazon? Most Private Label sellers struggle to launch new products. Even with great products, Private Label sellers can struggle.

And if their product doesn’t do well, then it can mean losses thousands of dollars and months of time. What’s worse, a competitor may develop a copy of the product and successfully market it.

How do many Private Label sellers successfully launch a new product? Many choose to do giveaways and big promotional discounts on social media and through their websites. But these methods only work if your Private Label is already established.

Others choose steep discounts, giveaways, and heavy advertising in order to launch their products. However, these methods don’t necessarily result in the feedback that sellers hope for.

Learn about the following product launch services that other sellers use to launch their new products on Amazon below.

You should be aware of some tips before you start. You’ll want to make sure you follow Amazon’s policies regarding these services, or you may end up with an account suspension.

  • Limit the number of products customers can buy or a few customers will buy out your stock at deep discounts to resell later
  • Adhere to Amazon’s policies regarding follow-up emails
  • Be careful with your wording regarding feedback in any messages you send Amazon customers

SellerZen is not affiliated with any of these services, nor does SellerZen endorse any of these services. We’ve created this list only for informational purposes, so do your own due diligence before you sign up with any services listed in this article.

Product Launch Services

We’ll list the features each service offers.


JudoLaunch Launch


  • Launch
    • Increase revenue from existing products
    • Keyword launch
    • Improve BSR
    • Immediate sales
  • Automate service
    • Customer support service in any language
    • Listing translation
    • VAT invoicing
    • Return and refund management
    • Seller support communication
    • Feedback monitoring and commenting
  • Optimize service
    • Translated, optimized listings
    • Rank for more keywords
    • Increase conversion


JumpSend home


  • Uses promotions through Amazon
    • Increase sales velocity and search ranking
    • Increase organic sales
  • Automated follow-up emails
    • Email templates
    • Email attachments
    • Campaign analytics


Vipon Seller


  • Sellers share their deals (discounts or promotions through Amazon)
    • Vipon publishes deal on its platform
    • Customers redeem deals
  • Increase daily sales
  • Over 300,000 Vipon customers

Viral Launch

Viral Launch home


  • Source
    • Product discovery
    • Market intelligence
    • Keyword research
  • Launch
    • Product launches
      • Discounted promotional giveaways
      • Increase sales and keyword rankings
    • Product photography
    • Listing optimization
  • Dominate
    • Split testing

ZonBlast by SixLeaf

SixLeaf ZonBlast landing page


  • ZonBlast optimizes for Amazon’s A9 algorithm to increase sales
    • Uses discounted giveaways and promotions
      • Solo Blast
        • One-time boost to ranking algorithm
      • Wave4
        • 4 days
      • Wave7
        • 7 days for competitive niches
      • Pulse
        • Every other day
  • Bridge
    • Automated audiences
    • Export customers
    • Audience insights
  • Code Courier
  • Optimize
    • Images
    • Title
    • Bullets
    • Description
    • Search terms
    • PPC guidance
  • Review Rush
    • Custom copy
    • Brandable template
  • Tracker
    • Keyword rank
    • BSR
    • Promotion tracking


ZonJump home


  • Discounted promotional giveaways
    • Ads targeted to a specific audience
    • External site traffic from Facebook, Google, etc.
    • Boost rank and position
  • Personalized approach
    • Rank for keywords
    • Customized launch strategy

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