Amazon Seller Fee Changes For 2019

Take a look at a summarized list of Amazon seller fee changes that will take place in 2019.

Some of the fee changes for next year will be a nice surprise for sellers in certain categories. For instance, referral fees for categories like groceries will drop almost half, down to 8% from 15% for total sales prices below $15.

This change makes it easier for grocery sellers to sell everyday grocery items that households need.

See below for other Amazon fee changes.

Fulfillment Fees

Fulfillment fees are a little higher for sellers of larger items (above 10 ounces). If you sell dangerous goods, you’ll also see increased fulfillment fees.

New FBA Fees 2019

If you’re selling products classified as dangerous goods, you’ll see these changes:

New Dangerous Goods Fees

Storage Fees

On February 15, 2019, these changes will take effect for storage fees:

  • Long-term storage fees (LTSF) for products that have been in fulfillment centers between 181 to 365 days will be terminated, but LTSF will still remain for products in fulfillment centers more than 365 days
  • Minimum LTSF fees for products in fulfillment centers more than 365 days will be dropped from 50¢ to 15¢ per unit
  • Monthly storage fees for dangerous goods will be increased

Amazon Dangerous Goods Fees

Referral Fees

On February 19, 2019, these fees will go into effect:

  • Applicable minimum referral fee dropped from $1.00 to $0.30 across all categories
  • Baby (except Baby Apparel), Beauty, and Health & Personal Care fees will be 8% for products up to $10.00 and 15% for products above $10.00
  • Furniture & Decor (except for mattresses) 15% for total sales price up to $200 and 10% for any portion above $200

In case you missed out on other fee changes that took place earlier in 2018, here they are:

  • Shoes, Handbags, and Sunglasses: fees raised from 15% to 17% for total sales price above $75
  • Clothing & Accessories fee raised from 15% to 17%
  • Jewelry fee dropped from 20% to 5% for the amount above the total sales price of $250

In addition to those fee changes, Amazon has these current seller promotions. You can see which of your ASINS qualify for referral fee discount by going to Pricing > Fee Discounts.

Amazon Fee Discount

  • Get a 60% discount on referral fees (requires Amazon login) when a non-Prime ASIN is added to Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Get up to a 70% discount on referral fees when you lower your price

If you’re thinking about Seller Fulfilled Prime, make sure you fully understand the requirements. Many sellers end up losing money on SFP sales because of high shipping costs. Their account metrics may also suffer because of stricter requirements.

Sellers who sell low-priced items will stand to save the most from these changes. That’s mainly due to the minimum applicable referral fee drop from $1.00 to $0.30.

If you’re selling in any of the affected categories, take a look at your pricing. You may need to adjust your sales price in order take advantage of those fees.

Thinking about expanding to other marketplaces and want to take a quick look at their fees? Check out our article on other marketplace fees.