Sign up for Amazon Transparency and Protect your Brand

Sign up for Amazon Transparency to protect your brand and ensure that FBA warehouses send only authentic products to customers!

Counterfeit products have a lot of consequences for sellers. These consequences include a drop in product ratings and sales, resulting in potentially thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Some sellers may also risk suspension for having too many inauthentic item claims for commingled inventory.

Not only is there a loss in revenue, but brand owners also suffer harm to their brand image and reputation because of counterfeits. Some brand owners even replace very good counterfeits under manufacturer warranty because they don’t want to risk negative product ratings or their company’s reputation.

When counterfeiters realize that sellers participate in Transparency, they’ll likely move elsewhere since counterfeit products will never reach customers.

What is Amazon Transparency

Amazon Transparency is a program that prevents counterfeit products from reaching customers through the use of unique codes.

This service allows sellers to link unique codes to individual products. Fulfillment warehouses then scan and verify the product before it goes out to customers.

Amazon investigates products that fail Transparency check. This reduces the need for sellers to report counterfeits to Seller Performance, a process that can be both frustrating and time-consuming. Since customers only receive products that pass the Transparency check, sellers no longer have to worry about counterfeit items reaching customers. Transparency is especially useful for manufacturers, but any seller who can apply unique Transparency codes is eligible to join the program.

Customers can also use their Amazon or Transparency app to scan the unique codes on products and verify products are authentic. They’ll see a green check mark if the product is authentic.

With Amazon Transparency, sellers can also share other information with the customer, enabling better warranty and service. For instance, sellers can share manufacture date and price, as well as other information. Customers can then scan the Transparency code to find this information instead of having to search for it online.

Businesses can use such data to simplify the end-user experience by streamlining warranty claims. Any process that is simplified for customers will ultimately result in better customer experience and loyalty.

What are the requirements for Transparency?

There are only a few requirements to participate in Amazon Transparency:

  • Verify brand ownership
  • Have a GTIN, like a UPC, for the product
  • Ability to apply the Transparency code on every manufactured product

Sellers who have listings that are prone to counterfeiters and hijackers should seriously consider enrolling in Amazon Transparency. This program is an additional obstacle that many counterfeiters will find difficult to circumvent since each code is unique.

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