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5 Top-rated Portable Bluetooth Barcode Scanners for Flippers

A lot of resellers and flippers use their smartphone and some kind of app to scan for profitable items, but smartphones don’t always make the best scanners. They’re just not very convenient when it comes to scanning since phones generally aren’t the best at picking up barcodes. Dedicated barcode scanners

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Sell on these online marketplaces that are eBay alternatives

Looking for eBay alternatives to sell your products or household goods? Check out these marketplaces and see if they’re a better fit for your business, or list on these marketplaces to expand your audience and sell your stuff faster. If you list an item on multiple marketplaces, remember to remove

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Delete and Restore an Account in QuickBooks Online

Learn how to delete and restore an account in your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online. Why should you delete or mark accounts as inactive? New QuickBooks Online usage limits mean that your account may now have a limit to the number of accounts you can create. But these limits

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Understanding Amazon Current Reserve or Unavailable Balance

Are you wondering what the current reserve or unavailable balance is on your settlement report? Learn more about how the previous and current reserve balance and how they work in this article. You may see these on your settlement reports as previous unavailable balance and unavailable balance. We’ll use previous

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Difference between Vendor Bills, Expenses, and Checks

Learn about the differences between vendor bills, expenses, and checks in QuickBooks Online in this article. We’ll go over how these transactions affect the various accounts in your books. Generally speaking, bills should be used to record expenses that you’ll pay later, while expenses and checks should be used to

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