Expand Your Business with Google Shopping Actions

Expand your business with Google Shopping Actions. If you’ve been suspended on Amazon, then you’ll know how devastating it can be for your business. Companies with millions in annual revenue have collapsed in just a matter of months with an Amazon suspension.

Some of these suspensions may be valid, while others may be well out of their control. Whatever the case, one of the most important lessons these businesses learn is to diversify.

Going beyond Amazon will mean an account suspension will still give you a source of income to pay for operating expenses while you appeal. This means you’ll want to expand to marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, or even start your own Shopify site.

Even if you haven’t dealt with a suspension, you’ll still want to develop your business on other sales channels. If you’ve been suspended, then read our article for some tips on writing the plan of action and appeal.

One of the best ways to expand is to sell on a marketplace with wide appeal and broad reach. In addition to the marketplaces mentioned so far in this article, you should seriously consider Google Shopping Actions. Having your inventory and store on Google’s products (Express, Assistant, and Search) will increase your sales and protect you from the loss through one suspension.

With billions of searches conducted on Google every day, you’re missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of potential sales if you don’t sell through Google.

Shopping Actions retailers have some serious benefits that can help promote brands and increase sales. We’ll go over some of the important benefits of Google Shopping Actions and how much it costs in this article.

Shopping Actions Benefits

There are two main benefits to Shopping Actions:

You’ll appear across Google Products like Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Express. Your products and your store will be promoted across these services without having to list them individually across three different platforms.

You’ll promote customer loyalty since your store will be featured better, not Google. Amazon sellers now work really hard to grow their business. Too often, Amazon gets the credit for customer service even when sellers are the ones taking the loss. So there’s not much customer loyalty toward merchants who sell on Amazon.

Other benefits of Shopping Actions include:

  • Universal shopping cart across Google platforms
  • Instant checkout with saved payment information
  • Shareable lists
  • Up-to-date pricing and stock availability for customers
  • Compatible with Google Assistant for voice-command shopping through Google Express

As a Shopping Actions merchant, you’ll have your store and products featured across Google’s products. This will drastically increase your visibility since Google is the top search engine in the world. You won’t have to pay a monthly fee or subscription in order to access Google’s users. Instead, you’ll pay a commission rate listed in the table below.

Google Shopping Actions Commissions

Like every other marketplace, Google charges a commission based on the product sold. The rates are extremely competitive, averaging about 12%, which is between eBay’s 10% and Amazon’s 15% commission rate. Below is the rate table for Shopping Actions.

Commission Table Shopping Actions

Online shopping is expected to increase year after year, and the competition for market share is only going to become more fierce. As competition heats up, sellers should take advantage of any available retail platforms.

If you don’t expand to these marketplaces, you’re allowing drop shippers and other sellers to dilute your product and brand. Protect your brand reputation and increase sales at the same time by listing your inventory on Google’s products.

Become a Google Shopping Actions merchant and gain more exposure for your products and brand. Increase your visibility and profits by taking advantage of the billions of searches conducted on Google every day. Diversifying your sales channels will only protect you in the event that you’re suspended from one marketplace.