10 Free eBay Tools New Flippers and Resellers Must Check Out!

Check out this list of must-have eBay tools, apps, and websites to maximize your time when you flip or resell items!

There are a lot of inefficiencies when it comes to flipping or reselling. Many sellers perform tasks manually and waste precious minutes throughout the day when they can automate or streamline certain processes. All those few minutes add up, sometimes to more than one hour!

That’s one extra hour to relax, source even more products, or even list and sell more! By streamlining your processes, you’ll be more competitive, increase your revenues, or just relax with your newfound time.

We’ll go over ways you can streamline and save some time using these eBay tools, apps, and services. If you’re thinking about selling on Amazon, check out our massive list of Amazon tools, apps, and services! Some even work with eBay.

eBay Tools for Price Checks


Bidvoy home


This site gives you the price history of a product. It’s similar to CamelCamelCamel for Amazon. There’s also a great suggestion for when to buy and sell, giving you the lowest and highest prices.


Checkaflip home


Save time from having to search, filter by sold and current listings, and estimating what the average selling price for your item is on eBay. Instead, type in the item on Checkaflip to get the average current and sold price for items on eBay.

Filter by new and used and get a better idea of how many of the listings have sold to estimate demand and likelihood of a sale.


Pricepirates results for Nintendo Switch


This website gives you a quick way to compare prices between eBay and Amazon. It’s great for sellers who want to see which site will give them the most for the product.

Don’t forget to take into account the fees involved. Amazon’s fees are slightly higher than eBay, but the tradeoff is that more sales happen through Amazon than eBay.

eBay Tools for Listing

eBay App

eBay App landing page


Most sellers probably already have this app. But for those of you who don’t, download this app now! eBay’s app makes listing items very easy. You can simply scan the barcode of an item and snap a few pictures to get your item listed.


Pixlr Editor home


You don’t need to spring for an expensive Photoshop subscription if you just need some simple image editor. Pixlr’s editor has all the basic features you’ll need for your eBay images.

Title Builder

Title Builder home


Ever wonder why some listings sell better than others? It’s because titles, descriptions, and images are better optimized than other listings. Use Title Builder to look up Hot, Popular, and Searched keywords on eBay to optimize your listing titles and get those sales!


WowLister home


The free plan is only 10 listings per month, but it’s great for new sellers or personal use. If you’re looking for a bulk lister service, you’ll have to find another solution.

Other Free eBay Tools


FatFingers home

If you’ve been around eBay long enough, you’ll recognize this site. Type in a keyword or a product you want to search for, and this website gives you search results for spelling mistakes made by careless sellers.

These unoptimized listings allow you to purchase products at a very low price for resale at the market rate.

eBay PayPal Fee Calculator

FinalFeeCalc home

Want to know what your total profit is after an item sells? Use this calculator to give you a fairly accurate estimate of your eBay and PayPal fees. Enter your Cost of Goods to get your net profit for the sale.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship home

See if you can get cheaper rates through Pirate Ship to save on shipping fees!

Also try FitShipper if you want to see packaging dimensions and rates.

Use one or more of these apps today to streamline your workflow for eBay! Veteran sellers will recognize at least one or more of these useful services. If you’re new, don’t waste any more time or money by doing things manually.

Automate and streamline your processes so that you can spend more time sourcing products to sell or searching B2B marketplaces like Alibaba for more inventory!

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