How SellerZen Works

Connect to Amazon

Connect one or more Amazon marketplace accounts

Synchronize as far back as two years from the current date

Hands off importing of orders, refunds, returns, reimbursements, and settlements

Supports both FBA and FBM

Product Quick Report
SellerZen Mapped Settlement Transactions

Fully Customize Your Integration

Get started quickly using our wizard or fully customize your integration for all fees and income types

Advanced and flexible SKU mapping allows you to control how Amazon SKUs are mapped to QuickBooks inventory items

Categorize items and their income and fees using classes for more detailed financial reporting

Simplified sales tax collecting and reporting, including marketplace facilitator taxes, by automatically recording taxes to the proper accounts

Supports non-item fees and income on orders, such as commissions, FBA fulfillment fees, shipping, promotional discounts, and more

Supports all non-order related transactions such as advertising costs, storage fees, subscription fees, inbound shipping costs, and more

Synchronize In Real-Time Automatically

Don’t wait two weeks for your settlement report to get transactions imported  

SellerZen’s cloud-based platform works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Amazon transactions are synchronized and imported into QuickBooks Online as soon as they are available or updated, allowing you to run up-to-the-minute financial reports in QuickBooks at any time to see your profit and loss

Inventory is updated with every imported transaction, so you can synchronize your QuickBooks inventory with other marketplaces

When your Amazon settlement report is ready, we’ll automatically retrieve it, reconcile it, and create the necessary documents to ensure your deposit amount matches exactly

QB Online Invoice Sample
QuickBooks Profit and Loss Report

Run Detailed Financial Reports

Get fully detailed financial reports and gain better insight into your business

Track your most or least profitable items

View hidden fees and expenses and see how they affect your bottom line

Inventory tracking to better forecast your inventory turnover