Adding multiple marketplaces for your QuickBooks Online account

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You’ll have to add each marketplace individually to your QuickBooks Online company

If you have multiple marketplaces active for your Amazon seller account, then you’ll have to add and configure each one manually. You can still use our Setup Wizard for each marketplace to quickly generate the accounts.

We highly recommend that you use a new set of accounts for each marketplace since QuickBooks Online doesn’t show currencies for some accounts if you’re connecting an international marketplace.

First, you’ll have to enable multicurrency in QuickBooks Online if you are working with foreign currency.

You’ll need to go through the same process of configuring your marketplace settings when you add a different marketplace to your QuickBooks Online company.

To add another marketplace, click on the Integration link on the left navigation menu.

Under “Marketplace ID,” select the country code of the marketplace you want to add.

Configure the marketplace using our Setup Wizard or our advanced setup.

If you’re using a single default customer account, then we recommend that you use some identifying name, like Amazon MX Customer or Amazon US Customer. This allows for better reporting and tracking. You may also want to enable Location tracking in QuickBooks Online as well.

Once you’ve configured your marketplaces, click on Start to begin data import.

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