Can I add more than one Amazon marketplace to SellerZen?

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Add as many marketplaces as you want to your SellerZen account.

You can add as many Amazon marketplaces as you want using our service. Our platform supports unlimited marketplaces so long as the Seller ID and the Marketplace IDs are unique.

To be able to identify each marketplace, we recommend you utilize some kind of tracking like location or a default FBA customer name. These labels should be easily identifiable like Amazon US, Amazon MX, or Amazon CA.

The setup process is the same for each marketplace: you can even choose to use the same accounts.

We do not support syncing the same Amazon account to more than one QuickBooks Online company. 

You can sync one Amazon account to one QuickBooks Online company and a different Amazon account to the same QuickBooks Online company or a different company (using the same email address). 

If you use a different QuickBooks Online company, you can switch between companies using the Gear icon.

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