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Map specific Amazon transactions like Subscription Fees to your own accounts.

By default, we will map transactions to the Default Other Income and Default Other Fee accounts specified on this tab. Using the Setup Wizard, these are the Amazon Other Income and Amazon Other Expense accounts.

You can map a specific transaction to your own account from the dropdown menus.

If you’ve just created the account in QuickBooks Online, click on the refresh button so that the account will show up.

Once you click on “Assign,” you’ll see the mapped accounts in the field below. You can remove them if you’ve made a mistake or want to change accounts.

Below is a screenshot of the Profit and Loss report showing the expenses mapped to a default expense account on the Settlement tab.

Compare this image below with the non-order transactions (settlement transactions) mapped to separate sub-accounts with Amazon US Other Expenses as the parent account. Notice the more detailed reporting.

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