Do I have to map all of the specific transaction types under “Settlement”?

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These specific transactions are optional and don’t have to be mapped.

While you don’t have to map specific transaction types such as Inbound transportation charge or Subscription fee to your accounts, we recommend that you do map the more common transactions.

Mapping these common transaction types will give you a better understanding of where your money is going. Your reports will also be more accurate.

If you choose not to map these transactions, then we’ll use the Default Other Income and Default Other Fee accounts.

These are the transaction types that are commonly mapped:

Customer return wrong item reimbursement (Income)
Current reserve amount (Same as Amazon Undeposited Funds Account)
Customer return reimbursement (Income)
Disposal complete (Expense)
Inbound transportation charge (Expense)
Missing from inbound reimbursement (Income)
Previous reserve amount (Same as Undeposited Funds Account)
Removal complete (Expense)
Storage fee (Expense)
Subscription fee (Expense)
Warehouse damage reimbursement (Income)
Warehouse lost reimbursement (Income)
Warehouse manual reimbursement (Income)

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