How does SellerZen handle Marketplace Facilitator Taxes?

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SellerZen creates a bank account for Marketplace Facilitator Taxes that you can use to offset sales tax liabilities for those states.

Since Amazon is required to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of sellers for certain states, SellerZen will record those taxes in an account you specify during integration.

By default, we’ll create an Amazon Facilitator Tax service item linked to a Facilitator Tax bank account for all the Marketplace Taxes. If you’re creating this service item, make sure the “Is taxable” box is not checked.

SellerZen will credit and then debit the account with the marketplace taxes collected. This account will have a $0.00 balance as a result.

You can find this setting under the Taxes tab on the integration page for your marketplace. Make sure you enter the name of the service item in the proper field.

This account will always have a zero balance, but you can run a report on the account to see the taxes that Amazon has collected.

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