How to offset or pay the sales tax liabilities for Marketplace Facilitator Taxes

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Learn how to pay or offset the sales tax liabilities caused by the Marketplace Facilitator taxes collected and remitted by Amazon.

While you’re not responsible for collecting and remitting marketplace taxes collected by Amazon, SellerZen still records these transactions for your records.

When you click on Taxes in QuickBooks Online, you may see an Overdue text on the marketplace taxes.

You can choose to “pay” or offset these sales tax liabilities using the marketplace facilitator bank account you specified when configuring SellerZen.

We recommend that you set the filing frequency to one year for the marketplace taxes. You can always change them by clicking on Sales tax settings and Edit for the tax agency you want to change.

Offset or pay marketplace sales tax liabilities

Click on Taxes and then View return on the state.

Verify you’ve selected the correct state and click on Select filing method.

Click on File manually.

Select the current date.

Select the Marketplace Facilitator bank account you configured in SellerZen. If you’ve used our setup wizard, then it should be Amazon US Facilitator Tax.

Click on Record payment.

That’s it! 

Once all the sales tax liability accounts are paid, the Facilitator Tax bank account will be zero unless there are current transactions, like 2019 transactions that were not a part of the 2018 marketplace taxes you just offset.

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