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Read a step-by-step guide to getting started with SellerZen.

Depending on your familiarity with Amazon and QuickBooks Online, the setup process can take 10 minutes using the wizard or more than an hour if you want to utilize the advanced SellerZen features.

Watch this video to see a quick demonstration of how to configure SellerZen with a new trial QuickBooks Online company.

If you need additional help, try our chat at the bottom right or contact us at

You’ll need to have access and be logged into to these accounts so we can get started:

1. Configure QuickBooks Online

The following settings on QuickBooks Online should be enabled if they are available:

Expenses > Use purchase orders ON

These options below are optional, but they should be enabled to make full use of SellerZen features:

Sales > Track quantity and price/rate ON
Sales > Track inventory quantity on hand ON
Advanced > Track classes ON
Advanced > Track locations ON

Note:  If you’re using QuickBooks Online Simple Start or Essentials, then these options may not be available. In that case, skip this section and move on.

2. Amazon Developer Access

You’ll need to grant SellerZen access to your Amazon account.  You can do this by going to Settings > User Permissions.

Use our developer name and developer ID below. 

Name: SellerZen
Developer ID: 4966-7670-9125

3. Sign Into SellerZen

Visit to create an account and get started.  If you already have a QuickBooks Online account, you can register or sign in using the Intuit Sign In button.

4. Connect SellerZen to QuickBooks Online

On the SellerZen homepage, click on the Integration link on the navigation menu.

If logged in using the Intuit Sign in button, you can skip this section.

Click on the QuickBooks Online button to start the connection process.

If you have multiple companies, be sure to select the correct one.

5. Connect SellerZen to Amazon

The next step is to add Amazon as a marketplace. On the same integration page, click on Amazon and provide the required information. 

You’re only able to do this after you connect SellerZen to your QuickBooks Online company.  

You’ll need your Amazon seller ID and the MWS developer Auth Token generated through your Amazon account.

If you sell on multiple Amazon marketplaces, you will need to do this for each marketplace.

6. Configure SellerZen Integration Settings

If you are familiar with QuickBooks Online and Amazon and want to configure advanced settings and features, click on the Advanced Setup Guide below.

To help get you started quickly, we have provided a wizard to automatically create the proper accounts and items on QuickBooks Online to use for Amazon transactions.

You can always update the integration settings after.

Click on “I do not have transactions in QuickBooks Online” to use our Setup Wizard if you have a brand new QuickBooks Online company.

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