What do the fields under “API Status” mean?

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Learn about the API Status tab under Integration settings.

There’s no way to change the Import Start Date, Seller ID, or Marketplace ID unless you disconnect your current marketplace and reconnect.

Please contact us before you do this, as syncing your company again with a different date will result in duplicate documents.

You may first have to pause your synchronization before you’re allowed to disconnect.

To Pause your marketplace data import, click on the “Status” tab and click on “Pause.”

You can also “Resume” your data import here if you have it paused.

Updating MWS Auth Token

Click on “update token” and then paste your new MWS Auth Token if Amazon provides you with a new MWS token. Many sellers will just have their old token renewed for another year.

If you’ve renewed SellerZen’s MWS access for another year, simply resume your import and the sync will continue from where it left off.

Click on “Update Token” to save the change.

See where you can renew our Developer Permissions on Amazon.

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