What do the fields under “SKU Mapping” mean?

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Learn more about the SKU Mapping tab under Integration settings.

We recommend that your Amazon SKU match the QuickBooks Online Inventory Name to reduce any potential confusion. This is because both identifiers are unique, whereas the QuickBooks Online SKU field can be shared amongst numerous items.

If you choose, we can also create new Inventory items in your QuickBooks Online account. Choose the default Inventory income, expense, and asset account for us to use with the new Inventory items we create.

If you don’t want us to create the items, then click on “Skip order and notify me.” We’ll send you an email when we see a transaction that doesn’t have a corresponding QuickBooks Online inventory item.

If you’re using QuickBooks Online Simple Start or Essentials, then you’ll have to map your Amazon SKUs to a non-inventory item. If you get an error that the item needs to be purchasable, then look here

Custom Mapping

If you want to customize the mapping of Amazon SKUs to specific QuickBooks Online Item Names, then use the Custom Mapping section below.

Copy and paste your Amazon SKU in the Amazon SKU field and then copy and paste your QuickBooks Inventory Name item. Choose Class and Check the Assign to Item Fees and Income if needed. Click on Assign.

You’ll be able to see your custom mapping below. Verify the mapping and edit or remove as necessary.

If you want to add class tracking, see below. If your QuickBooks Item Name and Amazon SKU are the same, leave the QuickBooks Item Name field blank. 

If the QuickBooks Item is different from the Amazon SKU, then make sure to enter the name you want to be mapped to that Amazon SKU.

Once you’ve clicked on Assign, you’ll see all the saved mappings below.

If you’re uploading a list of hundreds of custom mappings, we recommend that you allow the Custom Mapping process to complete before you begin data synchronization. Otherwise, there may be errors or incorrect documents created because the item mapping isn’t complete.

If you have a lot of items to map, then you can use a spreadsheet and export it to a CSV (comma-separated values) file afterward.

Why Use Custom Mapping

Custom mapping of several SKUs to one QuickBooks Item is useful in cases where you have an open box item or a customer return that is used but in sellable condition. 

Those Amazon SKUs that are being sold as used can be mapped to the same QuickBooks Inventory Name instead of having to create a new Inventory item.

If you’re selling the same item under FBA and FBM, you can also map both to the same QuickBooks Item.

Why Use Class Tracking

Class tracking is useful in cases where you want to track groups of items you’re selling and/or where you want to track income and expenses for specific products. For instance, you may want to group all hats, socks, and sweaters under their own classes to track sales for each category. 

Consignment sellers can create a class to track all their income and fees for each consignee to separate income and expenses. 

See below a sample Profit and Loss report with Class Tracking enabled (with Apply to item fees and income box checked):

We highly recommend that you upload your file and wait for us to complete the process. We’ll send you an email when we’re done.

Use our import option to import a list of SKUs at once. Each file should be no more than 1,000,000 bytes or 1 megabyte. 

You can map up to 10,000 items. If you have more than 10,000 items, please contact us through chat or at info@sellerzen.com.

The file be a plain text file (.txt) or a comma-separated values file (.csv). You should have the Amazon Seller SKU in the first column,QuickBooks Online Product Name in the second column, Class Name in the third column, and Yes or leave blank in the fourth column.

You can upload up to 2 files at a time. We’ll send you an email once we’ve processed your files. You can then review your mappings before you start the sync.

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