What happens if I disconnect from SellerZen?

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We’ll no longer have access to your accounts and you’ll lose all historical data on SellerZen.

As a result, all imports will stop and no more QuickBooks Online documents will be created.

If you’ve made a mistake in choosing the start date, then contact us through chat or email. If you disconnect and reconnect SellerZen at an earlier date, we’ll duplicate the transactions you’ve already imported.

If you reconnect later, you’ll have to select the date and time you disconnected to ensure that imports continue where they left off or you’ll end up with duplicates.

Otherwise, you’ll have missing transactions that you’ll have to enter manually.

If you no longer want to use SellerZen, you may want to revoke SellerZen’s access to your Amazon seller account in addition to disconnecting QuickBooks Online and your Amazon marketplaces.

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