What should I do when the Amazon SKU is not found in QuickBooks?

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We can create the QuickBooks Item, you can map the items, or you can use one non-inventory item for all transactions if you don’t track inventory.

If we can’t find the Amazon SKU in your QuickBooks inventory, then we can create it for you if you’ve chosen this option under the SKU mapping tab.

You can choose to map the items individually if you have existing inventory items that don’t match the Amazon SKUs, or you can upload a CSV file to have us automatically map the Amazon SKUs to QuickBooks Items.

If you don’t want to track inventory, then simply create a non-inventory item and map that item for all transactions.

Otherwise, we’ll send you an email notifying you that we’re unable to create the invoice in QuickBooks Online.

To fix this error, you’ll have to create the QuickBooks Inventory item in under Sales > Products and Services. Then retry the import.

If you don’t track inventory or don’t need to track inventory, you can use one (or more) Non-inventory items to track your Amazon SKUs. Click on “Use the following item for missing Marketplace SKUs” and enter the QuickBooks Inventory or Non-inventory Name.

You can also use our Custom Mapping to map your Amazon Seller SKU to specific QuickBooks Inventory Item Names.

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