Why doesn’t my QuickBooks Item Income, Expense, or Asset account show up under SKU Mapping?

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Make sure the Account Type and Detail Type of the item accounts are correct.

If you’re having SellerZen create the individual inventory items, you can select your own item accounts to use if you don’t want to use the default ones.

If the accounts you’ve created don’t show up in SellerZen or aren’t able to be mapped, then they may be the wrong type. For instance, you may be trying to map an Income account to an expense transaction.

You’ll have to create accounts with specific types and detail types. They are below:

Item Income
Account Type: Income
Detail Type: Sales of Product Income

Item Expense
Account Type: Cost of Goods Sold
Detail Type: Supplies & Materials – COGS

Item Asset
Account Type: Other Current Assets
Detail Type: Inventory

Once you’ve created (or edited your accounts to match the correct types) the accounts, click on the Refresh button to load the new accounts. You should now be able to select your new accounts.

See below for a visual guide:

If you’ve followed these steps and those accounts still don’t show up, then try the following:

Create an invoice with an inventory item that you’ve created linked to these inventory item accounts. Save the invoice and try refreshing the fields on SellerZen. They should show up. 

Once you’ve saved the changes, delete the invoice you’ve just created (and deactivate the inventory item if you’ve created a sample one just for this).

Please contact us at info@sellerzen.com if none of these steps work. We’re more than happy to help you out. Or start a chat with us through the chat icon on the bottom right corner of any page throughout our website.

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