Popular Inspection Companies for your Amazon Inventory in China

Look no further for a list of the popular inspection companies based in China! These companies will inspect and/or test your inventory bound for Amazon. They’ll give you a detailed report before your inventory is shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Prevent costly mistakes! Even if your product is simple, many manufacturing errors or defects can occur. Low-quality base materials, poor workmanship, carelessness, and poorly trained workers can lead to a high defect rate for your Amazon inventory.

These mistakes, if left unchecked, can lead to high return rates and order defect rates for your Amazon account. Ultimately, these mistakes can lead to a suspension of your account.

If you use a Chinese FBA prep and ship company from our list, you can avoid paying for separate inspections. These FBA prep and ship services based in China also handle product inspections and factory audits. We won’t list any of those services on this list.

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If you just need a simple inspection company, then check out the following Chinese inspection services below! We’ll list the services each of these inspection services offer to save you time. Visit the website for more up-to-date information.

SellerZen is not affiliated with any of these services, nor does SellerZen endorse any of these services. We’ve created this list only for informational purposes, so do your own due diligence before you sign up with any services listed in this article.

Asia Inspection

Asia Inspection home

  • Inspection services
    • Pre-shipment inspections
    • Production monitoring
    • During production check
    • Initial production check
    • Container loading check
    • Food inspections
  • Supplier audit programs
    • Manufacturing audits
    • Ethical audits
    • C-TPAT
    • Environmental audits
    • Structural audits
    • Food audits (GMP and GHP)
  • Lab testing and certifications
    • CPSIA
    • REACH
    • RoHS
    • SASO certificate of conformity
    • Food testing
    • Quality assurance
  • Product inspections start at $309 per person per day
  • Supplier audits start at $649 per person per day

Asia Quality Focus (AQF)

Asia Quality Focus home

  • Product inspections
    • Pre-shipment inspections
    • During production inspections
    • Pre-production inspections
    • Container loading supervision
  • Supplier audits
    • Supplier qualification audit
    • Extensive factory audit
    • Social audit
    • Environmental audit
  • Laboratory testing
    • Consumer product lab testing
    • US safety compliance testing
    • EU safety compliance testing
  • Inspection+
    • Defect sorting
    • Production monitoring

China Inspection Service

China Inspection Service home

  • During production inspections
  • Pre-shipment inspections
  • Container loading inspections
  • Supplier audit
  • SA8000 audit
  • Quality engineering support
  • Project management
  • Part design
  • Quality control and factory audit services start at $258 per person per day plus an additional $20 per extra report
  • Factory quality system audit and COC are $498 per person per day

Effition Inspection

Effition Inspection home

  • Factory audit
  • Full check
    • Inspect products, take pictures, and some testing to see if products meet certain standards
  • Container loading inspections
  • In-production inspections
  • Pre-shipment inspections
  • $110 per person per day


  • Quality control inspections
  • Consumer products testing
  • Factory and supplier audits
  • Government and trade services
  • Specialized business services
  • Quality control consulting


InTouch home

  • Product inspections
    • Defect removal and destruction
    • During production inspection
    • Production monitoring
    • Final pre-shipment inspections
    • Loading and transportation monitoring
    • Pre-production inspections
    • Product specific inspections
  • Industrial inspections
    • China Oil and Gas
    • Power and utilities
    • Industrial equipment
    • Maritime equipment
  • Automotive products inspections
    • Supplier qualification and initiation
    • Sourcing
    • Project management
    • Quality assurance
  • Product testing services
    • Product testing and certification
    • QC document development
    • Comparison testing (benchmarking)
  • China sourcing support
  • Factory audit services
    • Company credit check
    • Social compliance audits, training, and consulting
    • Factory audits and evaluations
    • Supplier verification
    • Good manufacturing practice (GMP) audits and training
    • Retail or brand-specific compliance programs
    • China environmental protection audits

Kistop Inspection

Kistop Inspection home

  • Pre-production inspections
  • In-process quality inspections
  • Final pre-shipment inspections
  • Product testing and/or laboratory testing
  • Loading supervision
  • 100% sorting inspection

NBN Inspection

NBN Inspection home

  • Initial product check
  • During product check
  • Pre-shipment inspections
  • Container loading supervision
  • Product monitoring
  • Factory audit
    • $229 per person per day
  • Product inspections at $209 per person per day


QC-I home

  • Inspections
    • Pre-shipment inspections
    • Production monitoring
    • During production inspections
    • Container loading supervision
  • Audits
    • Factory audits
    • Social compliance audits
    • Company authentication audits
    • Credit audits
    • C-TPAT audits and compliance
  • Lab testing
    • CPSIA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
    • REACH Regulation, Evaluatoin, Authorization, and restriction of Chemicals
    • RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances
    • EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing for EU
    • LVD Low Voltage Directive for EU
  • Sourcing

V-Trust Inspection

V-Trust Inspection

  • Pre-shipment inspections
  • During production inspections
  • Container loading supervision
  • Factory audit
    • From $368 to $598
  • Inspectors in China, India, and Vietnam
  • Product inspections from $268 to $298 per person per day
  • Social compliance audits from $498 to $598

While the cost of some of these services may seem high, the extra cost of labor to inspect products will save you countless hours of frustration and even more costs if those products are defective. Having your account reinstated from a suspension can take weeks. And if you’re paying a service to reinstate your account, that’s potentially a few thousand dollars.

And that’s not to mention the loss of sales and rankings while you’re waiting. Meanwhile, your business expenses are still continuing. Once you’ve established a relationship with your suppliers, you can avoid having to pay for an inspection.

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