Apply for Amazon Renewed to Sell Certified Refurbished Products

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you can apply for Amazon Renewed to sell certified refurbished products. Margins for some certified refurbished products can even be higher than new products. With lower prices and a certified refurbished guarantee, customers are more likely to purchase your product than someone’s used item. You’ll also get to remain on a marketplace with hundreds of millions of customers instead of having to find a different venue for your products.

Amazon has a service called Amazon Renewed that sellers can apply for. This is a fantastic opportunity for sellers to expand their product catalog by offering certified refurbished inventory. Sellers can increase sales, and with established relationships with suppliers, many sellers have a solution for refurbishing some of their returns.

Screenshot of Amazon Renewed

If you’re unable to be part of the exclusive Amazon Renewed program, there are some other solutions for your returns inventory.

This program is available only for products in certain categories. Click on the link to the Amazon Renewed page above to see which categories are available. As you would expect, Amazon allows you to sell certified refurbished products in major categories like consumer electronics and smartphones.

The requirements for Amazon Renewed are:

  • Provide invoices dated within 90 days of application that show a minimum of $50,000 of qualifying refurbished purchases
  • ODR rate of 0.8% or less with a minimum of 700 orders within the previous 90 days
  • You must provide a 90-day warranty on all certified refurbished products
  • If you want to list a product without manufacturer warranty, you’ll have to submit additional documents
  • To list Apple and Samsung devices, you need $100,000 in invoices for consumer electrics (non-wireless) or at least 2.5 million dollars in invoices for wireless devices within the previous 90 days. Invoices must be from a national wireless carrier or retail with at least 5 billion dollars in annual sales

Once Amazon approves your application for the program, you can begin selling certified refurbished, open-box, and pre-owned products on your listings.

If you don’t meet the criteria to join the program, you’ll still be able to list your used products. You’ll want to explore other options like different marketplaces to sell your return inventory. Check out our article on different marketplaces and their fees to get an idea of other sales channels.

Diversifying your product catalog and sales channels protects you from suspensions due to factors outside of your control. It’ll also increase sales, and if you’re private label, it’s a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and audience.

You can also enroll your products in Amazon subscribe and save for products for consistent sales!