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If you do 1,000 orders a month on Amazon, your cost with SellerZen would only be $50 per month.

If your business is seasonal, you’ll save even more since you pay only for what you use!

Amazon Transaction TypesPrice
Orders$0.05 per order imported
Goodwill RefundsIncluded free
Partial & Full RefundsIncluded free
ReturnsIncluded free
FBA ReimbursementsIncluded free
SettlementsIncluded free
  Storage & Long-Term Storage FeesIncluded free
  Subscription FeesIncluded free
  Advertising CostsIncluded free
  Shipping Costs (Inbound & Postage)Included free
  Amazon Lending & LoansIncluded free
  Account ReservesIncluded free
  Other Fees & Income TypesIncluded free
  Postage for FBM OrdersIncluded free

Example Pricing

Suppose you sell toys on Amazon and your business has increased sales during the holiday season.

Let’s see how much it would cost to automate all your Amazon transactions with SellerZen.

MonthShipped Orders Per DayDays In Month# Orders Per MonthYour Cost
Total cost for October through January (5520 total shipped orders)$276.00