How to Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

Social marketing is an essential advertising tool. Facebook Business Manager allows you to manage your Facebook advertising. In this article, we’ll go over how to set up a Business Manager Account.

If you want to skip this guide and go to the sign-up link, then click on this link

Before you start, you should already have a Facebook account. Facebook needs a personal account for verification. You’ll also need to know your business name and business email account.

If you are managing other marketing accounts, then you should have one Facebook Business Manager account per client. The reason is to separate the billing information, ads, page management, and administrators. Separate accounts reduce mistakes like cross-posting client content. Having different accounts will also prevent billing issues.

Once you’re ready to create your Facebook Business Manager account, you’ll see this screen below.

Enter your business name and click on Continue.

Then you’ll need to provide your name and business email address. Click on Finish once you enter the required information. Once you create your account, start linking your Facebook Pages and other client information.

Unfortunately, the limit to the amount of Facebook Business Manager account is four per email. However, this restriction shouldn’t affect businesses that want to control their own Facebook marketing campaigns.

Don’t forget other social media outlets once you’re done with your FaceBook Manager Account!