Amazon Begins Collecting Sales Tax on FBA Sales for New Jersey

New Jersey marketplace tax begins on November 1, 2018. As a result, Amazon has begun to collect sales tax for FBA products sold to residents in New Jersey. Read more from New Jersey’s Department of the Treasury.

Since the South Dakota v. Wayfair ruling in June 2018, more and more states have passed or are passing legislation that requires marketplaces to collect sales tax.

If you’re an Amazon seller, you may have seen sales transactions with “MarketplaceFacilitatorTax-Principal” and “MarketplaceFacilitatorTax-Shipping” on sales orders from states that have passed new sales tax legislation.

Since these items show up on the sales orders, you’ll want to record the transactions in your accounting software as well. See the link at the end of the article for how SellerZen handles these taxes.

Visit Amazon’s page on Marketplace Tax. But other online marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy are also required to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of their sellers.

New Jersey joins a growing list of states for which Amazon collects sales tax. Thus far, they are:

  • Oklahoma
  • Minnesota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington

The threshold for New Jersey is:

The remote seller’s gross revenue from sales of tangible personal property, specified digital products, or services delivered into New Jersey during the current or prior calendar year, exceeds $100,000or


The remote seller sold tangible personal property, specified digital products, or services delivered into New Jersey in 200 or more separate transactions during the current or prior calendar year.

While Amazon collects and remits sales tax for FBA sales, many sellers who do both FBA and FBM are unclear as to what to do. We recommend that you speak with your tax advisor for professional advice for your business.

If you’re using SellerZen to automatically sync and import your Amazon transactions into QuickBooks Online, then you’ll have to add New Jersey as a tax agency. Once configured, SellerZen will map the new tax agency and create the corresponding deposit into the Marketplace Facilitator Tax account used to offset the sales tax liabilities.

Learn how to set up marketplace facilitator sales tax in QuickBooks Online and SellerZen for both the new automated sales tax engine and the old sales tax engine.

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New York and New Jersey 3PL FBA Prep and Ship Companies

This article goes over New York and New Jersey 3PL FBA prep and ship services. Many Amazon sellers don’t want to deal with the investment required to get a warehouse and hire employees. Employees increase costs and time. Having to schedule, train, hire, and manage employees can be a big time sink for many small businesses. So it’s no surprise that third-party logistics (3PL) companies are popular amongst Amazon, eBay, and ecommerce sellers.

The fees that many of these 3PL services charge to prep and ship products to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers is negligible compared to the costs of a warehouse, employees, and all the associated expenses.

If you’re near New York or New Jersey or you’re looking for a warehouse in either of these states, then check out these 3PL FBA prep and ship companies below.

We’ll list the features from each website to save you time.

Most of these fulfillment companies offer the same basic services, so you won’t go wrong with choosing one over the other. Don’t let the lack of bullet points scare you. If all you need is a basic prep and ship service, then most, if not all, of these 3PL services will be great for you. If you need additional services, then you’ll have to research further.

SellerZen is not affiliated with any of these services, nor does SellerZen endorse any of these services. We’ve created this list only for informational purposes, so do your own due diligence before you sign up with any services listed in this article.

New York

3P Shipping & GyftGo – South Farmingdale, New York

3P Shipping Home

GyftGo Home

3P Shipping

  • Ecommerce warehouse
    • Shopify shipping
    • Third-party fulfillment
  • FBA Prep
    • Receive and inspect
    • Prep
    • Pack and ship to Amazon fulfillment center
  • Certified refurbishing


  • FBA Prep
    • Receive and inspect
    • Prep
    • Pack and ship to Amazon fulfillment center

Ultimate Packers – Newburgh, New York

Ultimate Packers Home

  • Packaging services
    • Barcodes, labels, or bags
  • Warehousing services
    • Receiving and storing
  • Container services
    • Unloading
  • Returns processing
  • Fulfillment services
  • Other warehouse labor services
    • Photography or repacking

New Jersey

3PL Center – Edison, New Jersey

3PL Center Home

  • Has multiple locations throughout the US and Canada
    • Simi Valley, California
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Dallas, Texas
    • Edison, New Jersey
  • Kitting and assembly
    • Packaging, heat sealing, and trade show displays
  • Picking and sticking
    • Pick, print label, and stick it on package or case
  • Pick and pack
    • Separate master cases
    • Package multiple products into single or multiple boxes
  • API available for integration
  • Nationwide LTL
  • Cross-docking

Best Logistics Global – South Brunswick, New Jersey

Best Logistics Global Home

  • Locations on the coasts of the US
    • Chino, California
    • South Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Ecommerce fulfillment
  • Reverse Logistics
    • Inspect
    • Repack and restock
  • Deconsolidation / Cross-docking
  • Distribution services
    • Online to Offline
  • Cross-border transportation
  • Value-added services
    • Repacking
    • Bagging
    • Labeling
    • Inspection

Eastern Prep Service – East Hanover, New Jersey

  • FBA Prep
  • Receive and inspect
  • Label
  • Outbound boxes and dunnage
  • Expiration date labels
  • Cover barcode
  • Carton labels
  • Add-on services available
    • Poly bag
    • Price tag removal
    • Tape open ends on poly bag
    • Inspection and resealing

FBA Terminal – Passaic, New Jersey

FBA Terminal home

  • FBA prep
    • Receive and inspect
    • Label
    • Bag
    • Sticker removal
    • Dunnage
    • Shipping to Amazon
  • Freight forwarding
    • Palletizing

Forest Shipping – Jersey City, New Jersey

Forest Shipping Home

  • Location in Shenzhen, China
  • Sea Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Courier and Air service
  • Barcode and label service
  • FBA product photography
  • Short-term storage
  • Warehouse receiving
  • Resell products in closed accounts
  • Inspection services

Swan Packaging Fulfillment – Wayne, New Jersey

Swan Packaging Fulfillment Home

  • Fulfillment services
    • Direct to consumer
    • Business to business
    • List mailings and distributions
      • Subscriptions, marketing, sampling program, etc.
    • Returns processing
  • FBA prep
    • Prep services
      • FNSKU label, polybagging, bundling, kitting, warning labels, etc.
    • Multi-channel fulfillment through FBA
    • Seller Fulfilled Prime
    • International import
      • Air shipments
      • Sea FCL and LCL shipment
      • Freight forwarding
  • Packaging and assembly services
    • Kit assembly
    • Shrinkwrap
    • Bill of materials management
    • Complex kit assembly
    • Automated packaging
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Ecommerce integration

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