Tips for Using SellerZen and QuickBooks Online Integration

Once you’ve configured SellerZen with your QuickBooks Online account, then use these few tips to make the most out of our service.

Tip 1: Showing Order IDs on the Sales tab in QuickBooks Online

Want to view the Order ID for your invoices and other transactions? Click on the Gear icon and then check the “Memo” field. Checking this box will display the Memo field, which contains the Order ID.

If you’re going to search by Order ID on QuickBooks Online, then you’ll have to use an Advanced search. Filter by the “Memo” field and type in the Order ID.

Tip 2: Showing True Profit Per Invoice on SellerZen

Calculating your true profit per invoice is a difficult task, and Amazon doesn’t make it easy. Most sellers assume that each sale is profitable. But this may not be correct if a repricer is incorrectly configured or prices are continually being lowered to win the Buy Box. SellerZen will show you the profit per invoice on your Orders page if you have the Cost entered in the QuickBooks inventory. You’ll need the Plus subscription with inventory tracking/pricing enabled in settings.

SellerZen Order Profit

You can also view a detailed breakdown of the sale by clicking on the Order ID. Using SellerZen, you can see at a glance the profit per invoice.

SellerZen Invoice

Now with a quick glance at the Profit column, you can see any invoice and inventory item that is costing you money.


Tip 3: Search by Order ID, customer name, or item on SellerZen and then click on “View” to see the document in QuickBooks Online. Partial searches are also allowed

Tired of having to use Amazon to search for information? Use our search function to search for partial or full customer names, order IDs, and more!

SellerZen Filter

Tip 4: Run a Profit & Loss Report see all of your income and expenses, broken down into detail depending on how you mapped the transactions

Once you’ve assigned the non-order transactions under the Settlement tab, you can run more detailed reports that give you a better picture of your finances in QuickBooks Online. Take a look at a sample report below using custom transaction mapping.

QuickBooks Profit and Loss Report

If you need help creating these accounts, feel free to ask us with using the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Tip 5: View FBA returns and reimbursements on SellerZen

Using SellerZen, you can easily see which orders have never been returned to you using the green and red truck icons. The green truck icon means Amazon has received the return. A red truck icon indicates Amazon has not received the product.

SellerZen Sample Refund

If customers receive a refund a don’t return your item, then you should receive a reimbursement from Amazon. If you haven’t been reimbursed after 45 days, then you can request one.

Tip 6: View Reimbursements on SellerZen

Get an overview of all Amazon reimbursements on SellerZen. Click on Inventory Adj > Reimbursements to see how you’ve been paid.

SellerZen Inventory Adjustments

In the example above, you’re able to view the Reimbursement document as well as the Cash or Physical quantity reimbursed. If you’re reimbursed inventory, then we’ll make the proper adjustments to your QuickBooks Online inventory.

Combine these 6 tips with using shortcuts in QuickBooks, and you can be saving yourself some valuable time every day!