Tracking Amazon FBA Customer Returns

One issue that many sellers face is having to match Amazon FBA returns with the original Order ID. Amazon doesn’t make tracking returns easy since Order IDs aren’t present anywhere on the returned item, the packaging, or the return slip.

Not only is it challenging to track FBA returns, the lengthy process means that many sellers will forget. The customer has 30 days, sometimes longer, to initiate a refund. Then he has an additional 30-45 days to return the product to Amazon.

This article will go over how you can track specific FBA returns to customer orders. To file a reimbursement claim with Amazon, you’ll need to keep the box the item was shipped in, the returned product, and the packing slip. Any or all of these may be required if you don’t have the Order ID. Some representatives may require this information even if you have the Order ID, so be sure to keep everything until the claim is resolved.

In the meantime, you can track your removal orders to specific order IDs without relying on Amazon or some complicated spreadsheet. What you’ll need is the return with the LPN sticker on the returned item and access to the FBA Customer Returns report. Viewing the report online won’t give you the information you need unless you download it.

Somewhere on the returned item, usually near the UPC, you’ll find an LPN RR ##### #### sticker. The LPN sticker has the “license-plate-number” that you’ll need to reference on the FBA customer return report.

Amazon LPN Sticker

Download the FBA Customer Returns report from Seller Central > Reports > Fulfillment > FBA customer returns under “Customer Concessions.” You’ll want to select the right date period for the returns. If you’re unsure, then go further back.

FBA Returns Reports

Once you download the report, open it with a spreadsheet application. Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or any other free spreadsheet application like Open Office work fine. You can also view the file using WordPad if you uncheck “Word Wrap.” Do a quick search for the LPN number found on the returned product.

FBA Customer Return Report LPN

From there, look at the start of the row to find the order ID. Go to Seller Central and search by the Order ID to see the transaction details.

That’s all there is to it! You can now deal with your backlog of FBA returns reimbursement quickly and efficiently. Get your money back for those items that customers clearly swapped out.

For many sellers, tracking customer returns can be a big hassle when the process isn’t easily transparent. But there are steps you can take to reduce customer returns so that you don’t have to deal with them so often.