Use shortcuts to quickly navigate through QuickBooks Online!

If you’re using any software application often enough, then you’re probably performing the same task tens or hundreds of times a day. Whether you’re entering data, compiling and running reports, or just an occasional user, learning some shortcuts for Chrome and QuickBooks Online will allow you to make better use of your time.

While this post is mainly for PC users, Mac users can substitute the CTRL button for the COMMAND button. This may not work in all cases though.

Most computer users are familiar basic commands like CTRL + C for COPY and CTRL + V for PASTE. Those two shortcuts save at least two steps: having to right click and selecting copy and then having to right click again and selecting paste. But newer devices and apps are almost navigable completely by keyboard.

Here are some useful tips.

Tip #1

Whenever you need to enter a date, using keyboard shortcuts may be faster than using the mouse. Try out these keyboard shortcuts next time you need to enter a date:

T – today
W – first day of the week–pressing W will bring you to the first day of the previous week
K – last day of the week–pressing K will bring you to the last day of the next week
M – first day of the month–pressing M will bring you to to the first day of the previous month
H – last day of the month–pressing H will bring you to the last day of the next month
Y – first day of the year–pressing Y will bring you to the first day of the previous year
R – last day of the year–pressing R will bring you to the last day of the next year

Notice that the shortcuts are easy to remember since the first and last letters of the word represent the first and last days of that timeframe! So W brings you to the start of the week, while K brings you to the last day of the week.

If you need to select a specific date from the calendar, then you can press ALT + DOWN ARROW to bring up the calendar.

Tip #2

Working on QuickBooks Online and need to open a new tab or a new window? Use keyboard shortcuts!

CTRL + T to open a new tab in Chrome and Firefox

CTRL + N to open a new window in Chrome and Firefox

Have two windows open and want both to fill up the screen? Press the WINDOWS + LEFT or RIGHT arrow to fit the current application window to the left or right of the screen. If you have multiple applications open, you can use the ARROW keys to highlight the app you want to fit the other half of the screen and press the SPACEBAR to select it.


Tip #3

Want to duplicate the current tab without having to copy and paste? ALT + D highlights the current URL and ALT + ENTER duplicates the tab. Use this in combination with Tip #2 to display various tabs and windows on your screen.

Tip #4

Made some changes to a QuickBooks Online document and want to save, cancel, or exit the page? Try these shortcuts instead of having to move your mouse across the screen to save, cancel, or exit.

CTRL + ALT + S to save
CTRL + ALT + C to cancel
CTRL + ALT + X to exit

Tip # 5

At any time, you can bring up a list of QuickBooks Online’s window of shortcuts to remind you of available commands. Simply press CTRL + ALT + ? to bring up the shortcut window. You’ll also find your QuickBooks Online Compay ID here. You may need this if you ever need help with your QuickBooks Online company.

Once you’ve used these shortcuts a few times, you won’t go back to using a mouse. Having to move the mouse cursor across the screen just to close or save a document can be a waste of time, and if you have to repeat this action hundreds of times a day, it can be quite an obstacle to productivity.

If you’ve mastered these tips and are eager to learn more, take a look at the reference sheets below.

Here is a reference list of QuickBooks Online shortcuts for PC.

Here is a reference list of QuickBooks Online shortcuts for MAC.

Once you start using shortcuts instead, you’ll find yourself speeding through reports and documents. Learn more about how you can maximize your efficiency by using SellerZen and QuickBooks Online.