Use Supply Chain Connect to Allow Suppliers to Prep and Send Shipments

Use Amazon’s Supply Chain Connect to allow your suppliers to send products directly to an Amazon FBA warehouse! This new program is currently invite-only, so check back often to see when it’s open to all sellers.

Coordinating with your supplier to prepare a shipment to an Amazon fulfillment center requires a lot of back and forth communication. Aside from language barriers and other cultural misunderstandings with suppliers, this coordination sometimes suffered from long delays. The delay was worse when suppliers were halfway across the world, meaning a simple message about box contents could take a few days to resolve.

Miscommunication, emails, and a slew of other issues meant that getting suppliers to send the right shipment to an Amazon fulfillment center was sometimes a tricky task.

No more.

Enter Amazon’s Supply Chain Connect (SSC). This new program launched in early 2018 allows sellers to invite suppliers to a Supplier Portal to streamline shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers. Through the Supplier Portal, suppliers could enter FBA shipment information and directly download the proper forms. Sellers invite suppliers much like they grant developers API access or user permissions for managing the account.

Join the program and reduce the miscommunication errors and issues that arise from language barriers and time delays. Save time and money, and reduce the lead time for your products to reach a fulfillment center. Those few days can mean a lot of difference for many sellers, especially during the busy fourth quarter.

The process is as follows:

  • You send your supplier an invitation using their contact information
  • Supplier accepts the invitation and creates an account
  • You click on the “Share shipment” button on the “Prepare Shipment” page
  • Supplier receives an automatic email notification to complete the shipment process

If you trust your suppliers and give them limited user permissions, then they can also complete other tasks like printing labels.

One word of warning though: once you invite suppliers to your Supply Chain Connect, you won’t be able to uninvite them. But you don’t have to share any shipment information if you no longer do business with them. Suppliers will no longer receive any of your business data unless you click on the “Share shipment” button.

Use Amazon’s Supply Chain Connect to streamline your shipments from your suppliers to your Amazon fulfillment centers. Save yourself several days to a week, not to mention any potential problems that arise during that time just to coordinate shipments.

Or if you’d rather use a 3rd party logistics (3PL) warehouse to do the work for you, then check out our list of Amazon services that include FBA prep and ship companies and other useful tools! These 3PL services can also handle shipments to fulfillment centers.

Use Amazon’s VAT services if you’re based in the EU and sell throughout the EU to further automate your business!